Oliver Barstow has over a decade of experience as a book designer, editor and publisher in the visual arts sector. He has worked with, amongst others, the artist William Kentridge on a number of book projects and collaborated with numerous publishers, including Field Essays (The Netherlands), König Books (Germany/London), Yale/Mercatorfonds (Belgium), Hatje Cantz (Germany), Sternberg Press (Germany), the Aperture Foundation (United States), Photoworks (United Kingdom) and the Venice Biennale. He was the Managing Editor of the Sandberg Series (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), a book series published by Sternberg Press, and the Online Editor of the Sandberg Series Journal. He is also the Online Editor for ZAM Magazine (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). In 2010, he co-founded and was Director of Fourthwall Books (Johannesburg, South Africa), an independent art book publisher with upwards of 50 titles in its catalogue, distributed by Idea Books (Europe) and ARTBOOK|DAP (North America). In 2018 he was recipient of the Mondriaan Fonds Talent Development Award and in 2015, the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Scholarship, for which he completed an MFA in Art and Design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.