Aubrey Williams – Art, Histories, Futures

This book is the first comprehensive investigation of Williams’s practice. With an introduction by Kobena Mercer and ground-breaking new scholarship by Ian Dudley, Claudia Hucke and Giulia Smith, this volume addresses the Indigenous, ecological and transnational dimensions of Williams’s modernist oeuvre. In addition, a memoir written by the artist’s daughter, Maridowa Williams, offers an intimate look at the biographical dimensions of his practice. Alongside an extraordinary and revealing selection of unpublished and out-of-print writings by Williams, artworks illustrating the full range of his practice – from early abstracts to later major works like the Shostakovich, Bird Paintings, Olmec-Maya & Now and Cosmos series and including lesser-known murals and portraits – illuminate the complex cross-cultural dynamics at play across Williams’s ‘World Aesthetic’.

An unprecedented and visually rich study of the prolific Guyanese modernist painter Aubrey Williams, a key figure in the cultural decolonisation of the Caribbean and post-war Britain.

Edited by Dr Ian Dudley and Maridowa Williams.