Transmissions is a body of work developed as part of the Mondriaan Fonds Talent Development Award 2019. The research for this project centred on the now defunct transmitter building, Building A, at Radio Kootwijk — the first wireless radio transmitter site in the Netherlands — and its associated histories. The project became an exploration of the power imbued by technology and its role in shaping the course of history. In the case of the Netherlands, this is inevitably a colonial history, where the transmitter was primarily built to set up a direct line of communication with Dutch colonies in Indonesia. This body of research ended with an exhibition at Prospects & Concepts, Art Rotterdam 2019.
Notes for a Seashell (2019)
Video, dur. 3 min. 50 secs
Part of the video triptych 'Transmissions' 
Transmissions, installation view, Art Rotterdam, Prospects & Concepts 2019
S is for Signal (2019)
Collage / c-prints
29.7 x 41 cm each (portrait and landscape)
Transmissions zine, free publication as part of the Transmissions installation.
26.7 x 41 cm, Riso printed
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