Mihloti Ya Ntsako: Journeys with the Bongi Dhlomo Collection
Collection by Bongi Dhlomo
Written by Pfunzo Sidogi
Jawett-UP, 2022
ISBN  978-0-6397-1824-8
322 pages, 190 x 254 mm
Mihloti ya Ntsako chronicles the coming into being of the Bongi Dhlomo Collection, a unique compendium of 138 artworks produced in the previous century by both well-known and unheralded black South African artists. Overseen by Bongi Dhlomo, one of the most accomplished artists, curators and arts administrators of her generation, this remarkable collection was formed to provide aesthetic glimpses into the personal and collective experiences of black South Africans during the tumultuous twentieth century, and to facilitate meaningful dialogue between contemporary audiences and the country’s recent history. Written by art historian Pfunzo Sidogi, this book situates the artworks in the Bongi Dhlomo Collection within the broader socio-political, economic and cultural currents of the twentieth century. 
Role: Book design and production management
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