Sometimes I make money one day of the week
Lisa King with an essay by Sean Christie
Fourthwall books, 2015
ISBN 978-0-9870429-5-8
Hard cover, full colour
92 pages, 203 x 254 mm
The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) was, until its recent digitisation, one of the last remaining manual call-over stock exchanges in the world. It was a contradictory and anachronistic place, in which, each day for 45 minutes, 20 traders haggled across wooden desks, dealing mainly in agricultural and mineral commodities.
Lisa King's photographs explore the anachronistic environment of the ZSE and, along with Sean Christie’s incisive essay, suggest that the ZSE reminds us of the ways in which technology reflects transformations in socio-political landscapes. Sometimes I make money one day of the week is one of the few documents that record and reflect on this unique, history-making space.

Role: Book designer, publisher. 
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