Writing the City into Being
Lindsay Bremner
Fourthwall books, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9869850-0-3
Soft cover, full color
360 pages, 190 x 125 mm
Writing the City into Being spans more than a decade of work on Johannesburg. It is both an unflinching analysis of the characteristics of an extraordinary city and a work of imagination—a bringing of the evasive city into being through writing.
Johannesburg has become a touchstone in critical thinking on the development of the twenty-first-century city, attracting scholars from around the world who seek to understand how cities are changing in the face of urban migration in all its myriad forms and the inflow of foreign capital and interest. Bremner is at the forefront of this scholarship. Her intimate knowledge of the city makes this a deeply personal but authoritative collection of essays.
Role: Book designer, publisher
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