Book 4 of Wake Up, This is Joburg
Mark Lewis and Tanya Zack
With isiZulu translation by Sylvia Phiwani Zulu
Fourthwall books, 2014
ISBN 978-0-9922263-6-7
Soft cover, full colour
40 pages, 254 x 195 mm

Under the Mooi Street off-ramp is an overflow rank for taxis waiting between peak hours to ferry people between the inner city and Zola, Soweto. Here entrepreneurs cater all day to the needs of drivers from an array of mobile and stationary stalls, selling food and snacks, socks, window wipers, mobile phone attachments and bumper stickers. In the fourth book of the Wake Up, This is Joburg series, writer and urban planner Tanya Zack and photographer Mark Lewis tell a story of the micro entrepreneurs who operate in this taxi waiting zone. It’s a Joburg story about the multiple business opportunities to be found under a highway on a leftover piece of urban land.

Role: Book designer, publisher. 
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