Inside Out
Book 3 of Wake Up, This is Joburg
Mark Lewis and Tanya Zack
With French translation by Denis Courdent
Fourthwall books, 2014
ISBN 978-0-9922263-7-4
Soft cover, full colour
44 pages, 254 x 195 mm

Senga Mutombo led her seven Congolese brothers to Johannesburg. She is now a regular trader in the Yeoville market but also, in her own way, the centre of a trade network that spans sub-Saharan Africa in a lattice of low-end globalisation. In Inside Out, the third book of the Wake Up, This is Joburg series, writer and urban planner Tanya Zack and photographer Mark Lewis trace a story of food and other commodities traded and retailed informally across South Africa’s borders by people like Sengo, using the same principles as multinationals, but with no formal credit or banking facilities.

Role: Book designer, publisher. 
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