Figuring Faith: Images of Belief in Africa
Edited by Fiona Rankin-Smith
Fourthwall books, 2011
ISBN 978-0-9869850-6-5
Hard cover, dust jacket, full color
288 pages, 240 x 190 mm
Figuring Faith: Images of Belief in Africa arose from an exhibition of the same name at the Standard Bank Gallery in 2006, curated by Fiona Rankin-Smith. The book documents and extends the exhibition, bringing together the debates and discussions on faith and art that the exhibition gave rise to, and shedding light on the ways in which art interprets, exemplifies and challenges belief and ritual.
Through full colour images and wide-ranging essays, Figuring Faith explores this history, as well as themes such as sacred spaces, death and sacrifice, taboo, the missionary gaze, the demonic, ancestors and spirit presences, confession, catharsis and revelation. Its consideration of historical, ‘traditional’ and contemporary artworks makes it a major contribution to our understanding of art’s relationship to the human desire for transcendence.
Role: Book designer, publisher
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