How to think like a land of sea – Field Essays

How to Think like a Mountain in a Land of Sea is a kaleidoscopic record of thoughts, findings, and questions that emerged in the space of a week long workshop. In July 2016, a group of artists and researchers walked, observed, discussed, cooked, drew, biked, and produced new work on the peninsula of Walcheren, the Netherlands. Various fields of work were represented within the group: visual arts, photography, writing, urban geography, molecular medicine, industrial design, public space and urban planning. The participants were from Brazilia / Twente, Amsterdam / Johannesburg, Utrecht, Serbia / Maastricht, Madrid / Middelburg, Noordwijkerhout, Eindhoven, and Paris / Middelburg. A central question guided the research – what does a sustainable future look like for the small town of Walcheren, once a haven for artists, now a tourist destination. And what contribution can artistic research make in shaping this future.

Convened by Sophie Krier. Edited by Manon Berendse and Sophie Krier. Published by Field Essays.