Single channel video (2017)
Maji Maji (Water Water) is a video work is shot in two locations, De Hortus Botanicus (The Botanical Gardens) in Amsterdam and De Weegschaal Museum (The Scale Museum) in Naarden, a small town outside of Amsterdam. A single unnamed narrator appears in both locations. In the first, the botanical gardens, he performs a bird whistle. In the second, De Weegschaal Museum, he recites a script about the invention of the standard meter - part of the official museum tour - in parrot fashion. In the final scene, a voice over, which we recognise as belonging to the narrator, gives a personal account of an incident in Tanzania, accompanied by a shot of the distorted reflection of a greenhouse in a pool of water. Each of these narrativesthe first overtly fictional, the second based on fact, and the third a personal accountreflect on their surroundings, calling into questions the framework of institutional knowledge.  
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