Oliver Barstow is an Art Director and Editorial Designer. With over a decade of experience art directing, designing and managing editorial projects he has made a diverse range of high-end and award-winning publications, primarily in the fields of art, design and architecture.

He is currently the art director and designer of a monograph on the Guyanian artist Aubrey Williams for the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art. In 2023 he was the art director and designer for ‘The True America: Photographs by Ernest Cole’ published by Aperture Foundation and in 2022 he was the art director and designer for the re-release of ‘House of Bondage’ by Ernest Cole, also published by the Aperture Foundation. In 2020, he was the designer of ‘Waiting for the Sibyl’ by William which received the best Dutch Book Design Award.

In South Africa he was co-founder and director of Fourthwall Books in 2010 (www.fourthwallbooks.com), an independent art book publisher with global distribution, with 45 books in its catalogue to date, a selection of which have won prestigious book awards.